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    NutriKids School Lunch Program


    Ipswich Public Schools uses the NutriKids program to centralize the Food Service management system in order to streamline the school lunch purchasing process and provide parents with an easy method of tracking their child’s food purchases. The NutriKids program includes Point of Sale terminals with keypads and barcode readers to reduce the time students are standing in line to checkout. The system also utilizes management functions that keep student information up to date and automate many of the food service manager’s tasks.

    How the NutriKids System is Used

    Students in all schools use the NutriKids system to purchase food items from the cafeteria by either entering their student ID on the keypad or providing their name to the cashier. Parents are able to create a free online account to keep track of their child’s transactions and maintain their account balance. Food Service personnel in all schools use the centralized database to track food transactions, generate reports and communicate with parents.

    How to access the NutriKids system

    NutriKids uses an online payment system called “MySchoolBucks”. (There is also a mobile app available)

    1.     To create an account with access to your child’s account:
    2.     Click on the "NutriKids Online Payment" link on this page
    3.     Then click on “Sign up Today”
    4.     Follow the screen prompts to create your new account.
    5.     Once your account information has been submitted, you will be able to add your child’s account by entering the child’s name, birthdate and student ID.