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Help Generations Grow!

Help Generations Grow!

Ipswich Sustainable Education (ISE) is raising funds to build several gardens outside of the Middle School/High School.  

See the garden design here.



The project, titled Generation Growers, connects students with local gardeners to bridge generations and lifestyles which are often disconnected. “By encouraging collaboration on the challenges and rewards of a common garden, we also connect each other to the special power, inspiration, wonder, and fragility of nature,” says Amy Borgman, an advisor to the Middle School “Green Team.”

Part of ISE’s mission has been to develop a partnership between the children of Ipswich and the greater community. This is where the seeds for Generation Growers sprouted.  The seedlings are growing quickly. Recently, thirty energetic Green Team children courageously spoke publicly before the Ipswich School Committee and at other community gatherings, winning initial support.  Their role will be critical as they share their vision for our project with local citizens and businesses.
In general, people recognize the need for settings where young people can gain empathy and respect for their elders, while older generations can appreciate and invest in the lives of our youth.