• Superintendent, William I. Hart, Ed.D.


    Family is the center of my life and regularly informs my work in positive ways. Growing up in a large extended family where there were high expectations, varied supports and uplifting encouragement has helped me understand the school culture needed for students to learn and grow as individuals. It is wonderful to see my own three children, Bill, Kate and Rose, develop into strong individuals ready to make their way in the world.

    I grew up in Andover, Massachusetts with four siblings and two educator parents. My mother taught early elementary school prior to starting a family. My father spent most of his career as a middle school principal in the Andover Public Schools. I began my career in education as a middle school social studies teacher in Andover. This first teaching experience convinced me that there was nothing more rewarding than working with young learners. The energy and zest for life linked to the middle school "wonder years" was exhilarating. Later, Andover transferred me to the high school to fill a social studies teacher opening. I found myself loving high school teaching as much as the middle school experience. Each year, I supplemented the rewards of teaching with coaching sports, advising clubs and working with student government.

    My first school administrator position was assistant high school principal for the American Community Schools in Athens, Greece. As a former Greco-Roman History teacher, the thrill associated with living minutes from downtown Athens was something truly special. I accepted my first principal position working in a small school district in mid-coast Maine. The lessons learned in Maine concerning the power of small personalized educational experiences for children have dominated my educational philosophy as a school administrator. I took that commitment to personalized education to my next position as the principal of a two thousand pupil high school in Massachusetts. When my tenure ended in the large Massachusetts high school, every student and teacher was in a small personalized learning community and the school was receiving national recognition for our work.

    More recently, I served for six years as the assistant superintendent for the Pentucket Regional School District. The work building internal capacity through Professional Learning Communities, developing a 21st Century curriculum that defines and measures Habits of Learning (HOL), and creating a process for elementary, middle and high school students to present their HOL work publicly was extremely exciting and personally rewarding.

    I am honored and humbled with the opportunity to serve as the Superintendent of Schools in Ipswich. I look forward to working with the Ipswich School Community to support the good work the schools have done for years and help the community envision next steps.

    -William I. Hart, Ed.D.