• Subcommittees


    2019-20 Members

    Athletics Work in conjunction with the High School Athletic director and other appointed school/community members to address issues relative to the School district's athletic programs Barry Hopping, Greg Stevens
    Budget Assist administators and finance department in creation of the school budget Hugh O'Flynn, Carl Nylen, Greg Stevens
    Operations Work with the Superintendant to formulate his goals as well as onboard new SC members Pavica Kneedler, Chub Whitten, Barry Hopping
    Policy Responsible for keeping school policies up to date Barry Hopping, Sara Gilliam, Pavica Kneedler
    Mutual Concerns Created to hear issues brought forward to the School Committee by teachers in the district Barry Hopping, Pavica Kneedler, Chub Whitten
    Turf Field Represent the schools as part of a larger group overseeing the use and maintenace of the High School Turf Field Hugh O'Flynn, Greg Stevens
    Audit Review the findings of the annual school department financial audit Carl Nylen
    Communications Provide our community with consistent, clear information about Ipswich Public Schools Sara Gilliam, Pavica Kneedler, Greg Stevens
    Payne Grant Discuss and vote on proposals made for funding via the Feoffees Payne Grants Pavica Kneedler
    Instructional Mini Grant Discuss and vote on proposals made for funding via the Feoffees Mini Grants Chub Whitten