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         Superintendent’s Office                          978-356-2935


                   Ipswich High School                               978-356-3137


                   Ipswich Middle School                           978-356-3535


                   Paul F. Doyon Memorial School           978-356-5506


                   Winthrop School                                     97




    EDUCATION PRESUMES A LEARNING COMMUNITY.  It is a community that presumes the inherent worth, dignity and integrity of each of its members while it is strengthened by the richness of its differences.  Supported by the townspeople, it is a composite of students, parents and teachers working together to create an environment in which learning and excellence thrive.  The community assumes mutual respect and care as it seeks to instill a life-long habit of inquiry so that each may constructively participate in an ever-changing, complex world.


    TEACHING AND LEARNING ARE EQUAL COMPONENTS OF THE SAME PROCESS.  While the school exists for the student, its success depends on a mutually beneficial environment.  Students and teachers

    alike must be challenged as they are nurtured; held to standards of excellence as they are supported in their endeavor; given direction as they are encouraged to explore.  Education is rewarding to both teachers and students.  As such, no learning or teaching style is privileged.  Because learning styles and rates are diverse, teaching is innovative, multi-faceted, flexible, appropriate and integrated.  The school affirms the struggle toward excellence without denigrating honest failure.


    SCHOOLS ENCOURAGE THE DEVELOPMENT OF BOTH THE TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE.  The school experience cultivates the intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth of all.  It is a place where creative expression and basic skills support and enrich one another, where leadership, initiative, interdependence, trustworthiness and personal responsibility are exemplified by the staff and fostered in the student. 


    THE ULTIMATE AIM OF EDUCATION IS TO EMPOWER STUDENTS TO REALIZE THE FULL RANGE OF HUMAN POTENTIAL.  The goal of education is to equip students with necessary basic skills, an appreciation of beauty, and a desire for excellence so that each may know the joy of intellectual accomplishment.  However, the value of education lies in its challenge to students to reach beyond themselves to form an inclusive vision of human history and possibility.



    February 1989






    Vision Statement


    Preparing for life through learning




    Mission Statement


    We are a partnership of students, parents, and

    community committed to building within all students

    the skills and confidence necessary to lead

    successful and meaningful lives.





    Every student connected, literate, and demonstrating progress.











    Sarah Player, Chair

    Charles Whitten, Co-Chair

    Barry Hopping

    Pavica Kneedler

    Carl Nylen

    Hugh O’Flynn

    Nicole Zito


    The Ipswich School Committee generally holds its meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month.   The public is always invited.  A citizen may obtain information about the date or agenda of a specific meeting by calling the Superintendent’s Office or by visiting our website: www.ipsk12.net.

    2018 - 2019

    Administration Building Staff

    1 Lord Square

    Ipswich, Massachusetts

    (978) 356-2935



    Dr. Brian Blake


    Executive Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent  Director of Finance and Operations

    Laura Hillery                                                                Joanne Cuff


    Human Resources Specialist                                         Payroll/Personnel Assistant

                                                                                        Mary Geary


    Pupil Services/Data Manager Secretary                          Accounts Payable Associate

    Heidi Kent                                                                   Janet Higgins


    Receptionist/Secretary                                                  Business Office Clerk

    Nicole Dziadose                                                           Elizabeth Valentine


    Director of Pupil Personnel Services                              Central Office Food Service

    Beverly Hegedus                                                          Driver and Custodian

                                                                                        Ed Dolan

    Director of Teaching & Learning                                  

    Tracy Wagner                                                             









    Paul F. Doyon Memorial School



    Core Values


    The following Core Values represent what we at Doyon School feel are the most important outcomes for our students, and the essential characteristics of how we as a staff will work together in pursuit of those outcomes.  They are the result of many hours of discussion and debate and reflect the consensus and commitment of the faculty.  These “intentions” will guide us in the ways we care for and challenge students, and they will serve as a roadmap for our decisions about school activities and programs.


    It is our aim that all students will:

    • Take responsibility for their own behavior as individuals, and as active cooperative citizens of Doyon School
    • Exhibit positive self-esteem and have confidence in themselves as people and as learners, being willing to question, explore, and risk mistakes
    • Become skillful problem solvers, thoughtful decision makers, critical thinkers, and fluent communicators
    • Show caring, tolerance, and respect for others, celebrating each other’s accomplishments, and sharing the wonder and joy each day can bring


    In addition to the above, it is our aim that in this school all professional staff will

    • Work together as a DOYON TEAM, helping each other, sharing expertise, appreciating each other’s talents, talking with one another about instruction and curriculum, and having high expectations for ourselves and for our students


    Winthrop School



    Core Values


    Thinking-to foster exploration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking


    Openness-to promote openness to risk-taking for the development of self-confidence and personal growth



    Caring-to care for the needs of each child by building mutual trust and a sense of family wherein each child is encouraged to exercise social and scholastic responsibilities


    Acceptance-to accept and be considerate of human differences while fostering a sense of community among students, staff, and parents


    Respect - to build mutual respect for children and adults through sensitivity and awareness of individual needs and talents


    Education-to educate the whole child intellectually, culturally, socially, emotionally, and physically









    Paul F. Doyon Memorial School


    Mission Statement


    At the Paul F. Doyon Memorial School, our mission is to create a joyful learning community where we are creative thinkers, engaged problem solvers and compassionate citizens of the world.



    • showing compassion and respect for ourselves, the people around us, and the world around us
    • fostering a value of cooperation


    with the goal of becoming a valued, contributing member of our school family and our community as a whole.



    • taking responsibility for our own learning in a process of continuous improvement
    • striving to become a good decision maker and problem solver


    with the goal of becoming a life-long learner.



    • recognizing and utilizing the talents and gifts of ourselves and others
    • accepting challenges and taking risks which allow us to expand our understanding of the surrounding world


    with the goal of recognizing and then implementing the skills needed for today, and building on what is needed for tomorrow.




    Vision of the Winthrop School


    We are a community of learners inspired to act with compassion, integrity and joy.






    Mission of the Winthrop School



    We, the staff of the Winthrop School, strive to facilitate lifelong learning in our children.  We hope to develop independent thinkers, problem solvers, and creative risk takers.


    Through encouragement of self-knowledge and the building of skills, values, and lifetime habits, we seek productive contributors to the world in all areas: social, physical, intellectual, and artistic.


    We seek to instill in our children a personal strength and self-confidence which is respectful of the thoughts and differences of others, a sense of responsibility for the environment and community, and an appreciation for both the inner self and the diversity of the world.













    phone: 978-356-5506  fax: 978-356-8574

    website: www.ipsk12.net


                                                                                   Voice Mail        

             Extension              Email address

    Principal…………….     Sheila Halloran                          113                   shalloran@ipsk12.net


    Admin Assistant…….     Rene Costoplus                          114                   rcostoplus@ipsk12.net


    Secretary……………     Amy Digby                               100                   adigby@ipsk12.net


    Nurse………………..     Brian Krieger                             111                   bkrieger@ipsk12.net


    School Counselor……    Dominie O’Neill                        123                   doneill@ipsk12.net

    Classroom Teachers

    Preschool……………     Paula Curcio                              201                   pcurcio@ipsk12.net


    Kindergarten………..     DeeDee Bates                            206                   dbates@ipsk12.net

                                        Cheryl Bistany Hill                     203                   chill@ipsk12.net

                                        Jena Woodworth                        204                   jwoodworth@ipsk12.net


    Grade 1……………...    Annemarie Kelley                      304                   akelley@ipsk12.net

                                        Susan Merrill                             303                   smerrill@ipsk12.net

                                        Andrea Welch                            305                   awelch@ipsk12.net


    Grade 2……………...    Donna Blake                              210                   dblake@ipsk12.net

                                        Amy DiFazio                             208                   adifazio@ipsk12.net

                                        Susan Speak                              205                   sspeak@ipsk12.net


    Grade 3……………...    Betsy Castonguay                       110                   bcastonguay@ipsk12.net                                                             Abigail Langsner                        109                   alangsner@ipsk12.net

                                        Jennifer Vickery                         301                   jvickery@ipsk12.net


    Grade 4……………...    Carrie Clasby                             109                   cclasby@ipsk12.net

                                        Toni Mannette                            107                   tmannette@ipsk12.net

    Kimberly Meaney                       108                   kmeaney@ipsk12.net


    Grade 5……………...    Amy Gregory                            104                   agregory@ipsk12.net

    Lisa Manzi                                103                   lmanzi@ipsk12.net        

    Laura Repplier                           106                   lrepplier@ipsk12.net


    Art………………    Linda Blum                               202                   lblum@ipsk12.net


    ELL……………..    Peitra Schneck                                                   pschneck@ipsk12.net

    Library………….     Teresa Hohenstein                      120                   thohenstein@ipsk12.net


    Literacy…………     Susan Moore                              302                   smoore@ipsk12.net


    Math…………….    Maureen O’Connell                    209                   moconnell@ipsk12.net


    Music…………...     James Fremont-Smith                                         jfremont-smith@ipsk12.net

                                  Lisa Palance                                                      lpalance@ipsk12.net

                                        Marissa Scarano                                                 mscarano@ipsk12.net                            

    Physical Ed……...   Whitney Cardew                        119                   wcardew@ipsk12.net

                                  Mark Southam                           119                   msoutham@ipsk12.net


    Special Ed…..…...   Elyssa Brand                              101                   ebrand@ipsk12.net

                                        Jonah Faigel                                                      jfaigel@ipsk12.net

                                        Michelle Garvey                         421                   mgarvey@ipsk12.net

    Jill Hinckley                              207                   jhinckley@ipsk12.net

                                        Nicole McGarry                         200                   nmcgarry@ipsk12.net

    Louise McHugh                         102                   lmchugh@ipsk12.net

    Mary Plowden                           402                   mplowden@ipsk12.net

    Nicole Twomey                          423                   ntwomey@ipsk12.net


    Special Ed

    Secretary…………   Megan DiGenova                       117                   mdonovan@ipsk12.net



                                                                                       Voice Mail

               Extension            Email address



    Reading…………………      Connie Hashem


    Special Education………      Sarah Balsley

                                              Brittany Dingle

                                              Brooke Eagar

                                              Megan Greenleaf

                                              Madelein Gregory

                                              Michelle Hannon                                   

                                              Connie Hashem

                                              Bryan Healey

                                              Abigail Malloy  

                                              Jillian McHugh

                                              Susan Morin                             

                                              Yvette Pitcairn

                                              Alyssa Shepard

                                              Linda Swicker                                       

                                              JoAnn Turner                                        

                                              Susan Vertullo-Lopez

                                              Eileen Wudarczyk

                                              Serena Zawadzki






    BCBA…………………...     Jennifer Lovejoy                                    jlovejoy@ipsk12.net


    Behavioral Specialist……     Sherri Arno

                                              Abby Baker

                                              Jessie Davis

                                              Colleen Fitzgerald

                                              Jillian McHugh                         

                                              Renee Mossler   

                                              Wendy Nelson                          

                                              Sarah Weiss                                          



    O.T. Assistant…………...     Nichole Johnson                        


    P.T. Assistant…………...      DaNeil Sousa                                        


    Psychologist…………….      Julia MacDougall                                   jmacdougall@ipsk12.net


    Speech Pathologist……...     Michelle Britt-Thompson                        mbritt-thompson@ipsk12.net

                                              Nicole Devlin                                        ndevlin@ipsk12.net                   


    Speech Assistant…….…..     Diane Fitzgerald                                    


    Support Staff

    Custodians………………      Shawn Lue

                                              Jason Moore

                                              Edward Ogden


    Extended Day Program…      Wilma Gooby                381                   wgooby@ipsk12.net

                                              Arlene Colas

                                              Christine Santiago

                                              Antoneta Stathi


    Food Services…………...     Meghan Persson             382                   mpersson@ipsk12.net

                                              Lynda Smith                                         


    Lunchroom Assistants…..      Patricia Antonucci

                                              Kelli Coviello

                                              Nancy Janvrin

                                              Maria Vicens Ivanov      



    phone:  978-356-2976   fax:  978-356-8739

        website: ipsk12.net    twitter: @WinthropSch


    voice mail extension




    Sheila McAdams



    Admin. Assistant


    Micki Nylen/Josephine Brouillette





    Jeanne Vlahos





    Jon Stafford



    Social Worker


    Deb Trevarrow




    Classroom Teachers




    Tina Gove





    Jamie Archung




    Tiandra Borges




    Kerry Zagarella



    Grade 1


    Molly Lacolla




    Meghan Hudon




    Christine Zybert



    Grade 2


    Heather Chaharyn




    Melissa D'Andrea




    Mariah Herrick



    Grade 3


    Lauren Gouzie




    Lina Lopez-Ryan




    Meg Smith



    Grade 4


    Marty Daignault




    Katie Norris




    Robbyn Wile



    Grade 5


    Keith Archung




    Kathleen O'Reilly




    Laurel Wolfrum







    Camela Leigh





    Laurie (Fabiszewski) Colitti




    Jamie Fremont-Smith




    Marissa Scarano



    Physical Education


    Anthony Falconieri




    Mark Southam



    Special Education


    Jennifer LaCava




    Michaela Lonati




    Margaret Madeiros




    Gretchen Marinopoulos




    Kathryn Morris




    Rebekah Reynolds




    Courtney Segee




    Alicia Thomas



    Title 1 Reading


    Cindy Welch



    Title 1 Math


    Jennifer Spencer





    Erin Larkin





    Jennifer Grenier



    Library/Media Specialist


    Karen Sekiguchi



    Teacher Apprentices/Fellows


    Kristen Foster


    Sarah Lippincott


    Lauren Thayer









    Ellen Maher




    Dianne Cote




    Celia Cole


    Catherine Turner


    Special Education


    Brenda Aponas


    Merrill Clerkin


    Nancy Dobson


    Nancy French


    Lisa Friedman


    Marcia Karas


    Deborah Loeb


    Marybeth Mathews


    Lowell Murray


    Bianca Patch


    Special Ed Secretary


    Josephine Brouillette



    Title 1 Secretary


    Josephine Brouillette







    Jennifer Lovejoy



    Behavior Specialist


    Sara Brown


    Kim Carbonneau


    Emily Clark


    Peg Fabbri


    Karen Marquis




    Lisa Nylen



    Occupational Therapist Asst.


    Michelle Gagnon



    Physical Therapist


    Colleen Mulkerin



    Physical Therapist Asst.


    DaNeil Sousa





    Rebecca Higgins



    Speech Pathologist


    Michelle Britt-Thompson



    Shauna Levasseur



    Speech Assistant


    Jodi Quinn


    Support Staff




    Gino Costantino


    Jason Moore


    Terry Thomas


    Food Services


    Jo-Ann Bishop



    Lisa Stottlemyer



    Lunchroom Assistants


    Katie Clark


    Jane Hinckley


    Sally Lane


    Mia O'Connell


    Extended Day Program


    Wilma Gooby


    Crossing Guard


    Howie Bowen







    Hours of Operation




                            Grades 1-5 & Kindergarten                        8:40 a.m. – 3:05 p.m. (M, T, W&F)

                                                                                                    8:40 a.m. – 1:50 p.m. (Th)



                            Pre School:  Times vary depending on program.  Please contact the school directly.


         Please note:  Students must arrive at school after 8:30 a.m.   Supervision cannot be provided before this time.  At 3:05 p.m., students remain on school grounds only when staying with a teacher or for after school programs.



         See Appendix A1-A2 for Ipswich Public Schools Elementary School Student Attendance Procedure.


    Before School Procedures

         Students should wait at their assigned entrances until the start of school (8:40 a.m.) and then go directly to their classrooms.  If the weather is inclement or very cold, students will wait in the hallways.

         Students must be on time for school.  If they arrive late, they must report to the office and sign in as tardy before going to class.  Students who are tardy should have a note from a parent or guardian explaining why they are late.

         We ask parents not to enter the parking area between the hours of 8:30 and 8:45 a.m.  At dismissal, we ask parents not to enter the parking area between the hours of 3:00 and 3:15 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and between the hours of 1:45 and 2:00 p.m. on Thursdays.



         We expect that students will handle themselves respectfully and responsibly thereby making positive contributions to the school community.  The following general school rules are for everyone:

    1. Be responsible for yourself.
    2. Respect others (students and adults) and the school property.
    3. Help each other.
    4. Honor others’ need to learn.



          Assemblies are a great way to foster community learning and connections. Gathering everyone into one space requires social responsibility demonstrated by all.


    • When the person introducing a program begins, it is important for everyone to use whole body listening and attend to the speaker.
    • Appreciation for a program is shown by clapping only.
    • When an assembly is over, students should remain seated quietly until their class has been dismissed.



    • Students need to speak in soft voices when in the cafeteria so that others are not disturbed and may enjoy their lunches.
    • Students’ conversation must be with the people at their own table.
    • When students need something, they should raise their hands and one of the cafeteria assistants will come and help.
    • It is important for students to remember that good table manners include: chewing food with one’s mouth closed and not talking with a full mouth, wiping one’s hands and mouth with a napkin when needed, not playing with or throwing any food, and sitting with feet down on the floor.
    • The cafeteria is a good place to practice general good manners. Remember to say “Please” and “Thank you” to the people who are serving or helping.
    • It is important for students to leave their table and floor area clean for others. They need to remember to pick up all straw papers, napkins, etc. when dismissed.
    • Students need to remember to take their jackets, sweaters or other belongings when leaving the cafeteria.



    • We expect students to respect themselves, other people, and the school’s property. In being responsible, we expect that they look out for each other and make decisions to keep themselves and each other safe.  The following are not allowed: tripping, shoving, tackle games, swearing or name calling, removing others’ hats, gloves, etc., fighting or pretend fighting, jumping off or standing on monkey bars, throwing or kicking snow, sitting or standing on top of the parallel bars, climbing or running on the slides, and climbing over the playground fence.  Balls are not to be thrown on the roof or against the windows, etc.



         Students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 may ride bicycles with a signed permission from their parents. Students must wear bicycle helmets.  Students in Grades K to 2 may ride bicycles with helmets when accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Due to the heavy pedestrian traffic before and after school, bicycles are to be walked on school grounds.  Bikes are to be left in the bike racks during the day.  Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of bicycle privileges.


    Bus Assignments

         Many of our buses are currently filled to capacity.  Therefore, once buses are assigned it is not possible for children to ride different ones.  Although students might like to ride a different bus home with a friend after school, we simply do not have room and cannot permit this change in schedule.  Non riding students may not ride buses home with friends. 

    Care of School Property

    • If students damage or deface school property (i.e. write on desks, chairs, books, break a window, etc.) they must pay for, repair or replace the property.
    • Students will pay for any lost or damaged library or textbooks.

    Field Trips

         All students must remember to have parental consent forms signed on or before the day of the field trip.  They will not be allowed to join a field trip without a signed parental consent form.  See Ipswich Public Schools’ Policy IICA-F3 at www.ipsk12.net.


    Items from Home

    • Students may not bring items which could result in injury to themselves or to other people. Such items include, but are not limited to, hard balls, bats, laser pointers, toy guns, knives or sharp objects, exploding caps, and matches. 
    • Personal electronic devices are not appropriate for school as they distract learning and offer unsupervised access to inappropriate resources. While we recognize a parent’s desire to communicate with their child after school hours, cell phones must remain in backpacks and turned off. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary actions.
    • The school cannot be responsible for money or valuable items. It is suggested that such items be brought to school ONLY if necessary and only with parent and teacher permission.
    • Trading or selling of any items is not allowed.
    • Students may not chew gum in school.
    • Students are expected to remove hats and head coverings when entering the building.
    • Animals
    • Before any animal can be brought to school, the student must have permission from the classroom teacher in advance. 
    • No animals can be transported in a school bus. 
    • The animal must be in a suitable container.
    • An adult must transport the animal to and from school.

    Use of Personal Electronic Technology Devices

         See Ipswich Public Schools policy at www.ipsk12.net.

    Lost and Found

         Unclaimed clothing, balls, toys or lunch boxes are placed in the lost and found.  Money, watches, or other jewelry are turned in to the office.  If students are missing something, they are to check the lost and found areas.  If money is not claimed within a week, it is given to the person who found it.

    School Meals

         All students may buy lunches which include milk and dessert for $2.75 daily.  A sandwich substitute for the main course is available as well.  Students may also buy milk on any day for 60¢.

         The cafeteria menu is designed to offer a variety of foods that will appeal to a wide range of eating habits and tastes.  Menu selection is designed to keep costs and plate waste low while offering choices and portions that are wholesome and nutritious.  We encourage children to eat their food and drink their beverage.  We ask your cooperation in planning lunch for your child.  Careful review of the school lunch menu along with knowledge of your child’s eating habits will help in this regard.

         Students who meet income guidelines established by the Federal Government are eligible to participate in either a free or reduced price lunch program.  Annual application forms are available at www.ipsk12.net.  These will be sent home during the first week of school as well.

    Telephone Use

    Students may use the telephone only in case of emergency and with permission from their teacher.  Visits to friends, etc. must be taken care of at home, not in school by phone.



    Clothing Suggestions

    • We expect that families will make responsible decisions about appropriate clothing for the school day. Clothes which are distracting or inappropriate are not allowed.  A student’s day may involve classroom activities using chalk, paint, glue or other “messy” materials.  Playground activities may involve climbing, sliding and running.  Please keep this in mind in making clothing choices.  Pants and/or jeans are acceptable attire particularly on physical education days.
    • PLEASE label clothing such as jackets, sweaters, raincoats, and hats, and other belongings; i.e. lunch boxes, boots, sneakers, etc. Labeled items are more easily returned if lost.
    • For safety reasons, sneakers are required for physical education classes. It is strongly requested that students not wear clogs or high heels to school.
    • It is suggested that children wear boots in snowy weather and bring other shoes or sneakers to wear during class time.


         We encourage parents to make timely contact with the school regarding any issues that may arise.  We find that the best way to resolve problems is for the parent and the teacher to communicate directly.  You may reach staff members at both schools through the voice mail system, e-mail address, or by sending a note to the teacher.

         The Doyon School sends home an electronic newsletter every Thursday.  The Winthrop School sends home the Winthrop Weekly every Wednesday.  These newsletters include information about upcoming events.  The websites also offer important information.

         The School Councils provide another way to stay informed about the schools.  These Councils involve parents in school decision-making and strengthen communication and understanding between the school and the community and business members. All parents are welcome to attend Council meetings.

         Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to talk with teachers whenever they wish.  If further communication is necessary, parents are welcome to schedule an appointment with the principal.


         When elementary students are detained, parents will be given one day’s notice prior to the afternoon of detention.  Elementary students may be detained on the day of the academic or disciplinary issue, if:

    • A parent approves that day as opposed to the following day for detention.
    • Transportation is available by the school or by the parent for those students who normally ride the bus.


         When a student must be dismissed from school early, he/she is to bring a note from home and give it to his/her teacher.  Requests for early dismissals should be restricted to illnesses, emergencies, medical or dental appointments, etc.  Students will be dismissed only to a parent, guardian or other authorized person.  Students who are being dismissed MUST be picked up and signed out at the office.

    Emergency Information Form

         In times of emergency, it is extremely important that the school offices have information that will enable them to contact parents immediately.  Therefore, the Record Update form sent home at the start of the school year must be completed and returned to school.  This form should be completed

    for every child attending school.  Please notify the school office of any change in this information during the school year.



    Friends of Ipswich Elementary Schools (F.R.I.E.S.)

         The Friends organizations are umbrella organizations that tie together many groups of individuals - teachers, parents, and others in the community who share a common goal, which is to support and enrich the education of elementary school students.  Every parent is a member of FRIES.

         The purpose of the FRIES is to:

    • Organize volunteer assistance throughout the school and at special events.
    • Fund requests from staff members for educational equipment and supplies.
    • Sponsor special programs throughout the year for children in all grades.
    • Plan and conduct fundraising activities to support those special programs.
    • Work to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among parents and the schools' faculty.
    • Educate the community at large regarding issues that directly involve Ipswich elementary schools.

         We encourage your involvement in the Friends groups.


         Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact the school nurse at any time regarding the health needs of their child.

    • Physical examinations and immunization records are required of all students entering school and must be dated within six months to the start of school. If the student’s family does not participate in vaccinations due to their sincere religious beliefs, a signed letter to that effect must be provided at the start of each school year.
    • An updated physical is required in Grade 4. Parents are encouraged to send physicals more often if they are available.
    • Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 will receive annual vision and hearing screenings, unless parents request otherwise. Any unusual findings will be reported to parents for follow-up.
    • A student may be excused from physical education, sports, or other activities at a parents’ request. For long term accommodations, a doctor’s note may be requested.
    • A child who becomes ill or receives an injury in school will be dismissed only to parents/guardians or someone designated by them. Criteria for notifying parents may include (but are not limited to) fever, severe bruising, allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, severe pain, bumps to the head, special conditions requested by the parent, or any condition requiring outside medical attention.  Parents are required to provide transportation for their child who has been dismissed.

    Parents can help control the spread of illness by:

    • Keeping children at home if they are experiencing fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, enlarged glands, earache, sore throat, rash, or other symptoms of illness. Students should be fever free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school.
    • Keeping children diagnosed with an infectious illness, such as strep throat or conjunctivitis, home for at least 24 hours after the start of antibiotic treatment.
    • Teaching children to cough/sneeze into their elbow and wash their hands after using the bathroom.  19
    • Sending a note with your child when they return to school describing the reason for any absences.

    Medication will be dispensed from the health room in accordance with the medication policy.  Students are not allowed to carry medication in school, including over the counter cough drops.  (Exceptions are permitted by prior arrangement for asthma inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors, and cystic fibrosis enzymes; see Ipswich Public Schools’ policy JHCD at www.ipsk12.net).

    Homework Policy – See Ipswich Public Schools’ Policy IKB at www.ipsk12.net.


         Distribution of invitations (birthday party, etc.) in school is discouraged unless everyone in the class is receiving one.

    Instrumental Music

         Each September Grade 4 and Grade 5 students observe a demonstration of band instruments that are suitable for beginners (string instruments, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums).  Students are asked to list three instruments in order of preference.  This is an important step in assuring the most successful musical experience for each student.

         Your child will be given an opportunity to try the three instruments which he/she has listed on the preference sheet.  At that time a music staff member will make a recommendation based on the physical consideration (jaw structure, finger size, and arm length) and instrumental needs.  This recommendation will be sent home with each student.  At that time you and your child will be able to make a final decision based on your child’s interest and the musical staff’s recommendation.

         Beginning instrumentalists will miss 30 minutes of another academic subject for their instrumental lesson and an additional 45 minutes in January when they start band.  At the end of each trimester, participation in the instrumental program will be evaluated on an individual basis by music and classroom teachers.  If there are any concerns, we will be in touch with you.  We hope to ensure that students are successful at meeting their commitment to both classroom and instrumental programs.

    Kindergarten Registration & Screening

    Your child may come to Kindergarten in September if the following conditions are met:


    • The child must be five years of age on or before August 31 of the calendar year.
    • A birth certificate is presented.
    • A social and health history, an immunization certificate and a physician’s report of physical examination within 6 months of entry is submitted.


         A Kindergarten screening is held annually during the spring, at which time parents register their children for Kindergarten.  In addition to having parents present the previously mentioned information, each child’s speech, cognitive, verbal, and fine and gross motor skills are screened.

    Non-custodial Parents

         Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, non-custodial parents have the same rights of access to school records as custodial parents do, unless the divorce decree includes a specific order to the contrary.  Therefore, if you are a non-custodial parent and wish to receive copies of your child’s report cards and other school information please write to the school and enclose four self-addressed stamped

    envelopes (or whatever is appropriate).  Such information will be sent to you throughout the year.                                             20


    Report Card and Conference Schedules

         All students in grades K through 5 receive report cards three times a year.  Parent conferences may be scheduled for students.  Parents may request a conference with their child’s teacher at any time by calling the school to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient time.  Please check the school calendar for dates specifying when report cards are to be sent home and scheduled dates for kindergarten conferences.


    Safety/Caring Plan

         There is an Elementary School Safety/Caring Plan in place should an emergency situation arise.  If it is necessary to evacuate the elementary schools, students would be transported to the Ipswich Middle/High School or Our Lady of Hope Church on Linebrook Road.  Parents/guardians would be called with notification of this evacuation.


    School Absence

         When a child is going to be absent from school, parents should call the school ahead of time.  A message can be left on the answering machine for the Winthrop School at 978-356-2976 and for the Doyon School at 978-356-5506.  If the school does not receive a call, attempts will be made to validate the absence.  If parents notify the school that their child is to be absent for a specific number of days due to an extended illness, it is not necessary to call after the first day.

         The school policy for absences due to vacation during the school year is covered in Ipswich Public Schools’ Policy JED at www.ipsk12.net.


    School Accident Insurance

         Accident insurance for students is available at a nominal fee to all enrolled school children.  Insurance forms may be requested. Injuries that occur on the school premises are reported immediately to the school nurse.  Please remind your child that it is important that he/she report any injury received during the school day to the teacher or staff member in charge, who will refer him/her to the school nurse.  School insurance may be invalidated by not reporting at the time of injury.


    School Closing Procedures

         No School or Delayed Opening – See Appendix A22.

         Procedure for Emergency School Closings – See Appendix A23.


    School Council

         The Massachusetts Education Reform Act has directed all schools in Massachusetts to form School Councils in order to strengthen local school system leadership for school improvement. 

    The Councils involve parents and teachers in school decision making and in strengthening the

    bonds between school and the community.  The Doyon and Winthrop schools have established School Councils that are comprised of the principal, parents, teachers, and community/business members.  

         Parent members of students attending our elementary schools are subject to elections by the Friends of Winthrop and Doyon.  See Ipswich Public Schools’ Policy CEA at www.ipsk12.net.


    School Pictures

         Individual and class pictures are taken during the fall of each year.  Packages must be paid for

    in advance.  Retakes of faulty pictures will be taken as needed.  Details regarding dates for picture taking will be sent home with your child.


    School Testing – See Appendix A19- A20.



    Student Record Accessibility

         All records pertaining to children are accessible to their parents.  Copies of the records are available to parents or guardians at a nominal cost of reproducing the records.


    School Registration & Student Placement

         New students will be assigned placement after reviewing registration forms.  This procedure of delayed enrollments is to allow teachers time to gather materials and plan fully for each new student.  State law requires a child’s immunization records to be presented upon registration or before the child’s entry to school.  A physician’s report of physical examination completed within 6 months of entry must be submitted.

         Grade and teacher placement is tentative pending administrative/guidance review of all student records.


    Student Transfers

         When a student is transferring to another school district, parents are to notify the school office by completing the Records Release Form at least one week in advance.  This will enable the teacher to complete a transfer form describing the student’s program.  Please see that all textbooks, library books, and other school materials have been returned to school before the child’s last day. 

         The student’s school records will be forwarded to the new school upon written request from the new school.


    Support Services

         Various support services are available to all students as needed in order to enable them to function successfully in the classroom.  These may include: counseling, special needs support, child study team, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy, physical therapy, Title I reading & math, math support, reading support and English as a second language   .


    • Title I

         Title I is a federally funded program which provides supportive instruction in reading and math to eligible students.  Students are chosen on the basis of achievement test scores and teacher referral.  The program provides concentrated tutorial help in small groups four or five times a week.  Students receive this help in classrooms or in the Title I room.  Due to federal regulations this service is available only at Winthrop School.

    • Special Needs

         Children who have learning or behavior problems or who need help in the areas of speech, language, or hearing may be referred for an evaluation in accordance with the regulations of Chapter 766/PL 94-142.  The referral process can be initiated by a parent, guardian, teacher, or other school official.   

         The process, which requires parental input, is designed to plan for a child’s education based on his/her individual strengths and weaknesses.  Inquiries about possible referrals should be made to the classroom teacher, the school social worker, or the principal.

         After the necessary assessments of the child are made, a meeting is held with the child’s parents to write an individual educational plan (IEP), which will help to alleviate or eventually correct the problems which are hindering the child’s progress in school.

    • Student Support Team

         Student Support Team meetings are a regular education initiative to ensure that all efforts have been made to meet a child’s needs within the regular education program.  Such efforts may include, but are not limited to: modifications of the curriculum, teaching strategies, teaching environments, or materials; and the use of support services, consultative services and building based teams to meet the child’s needs in the classroom.  Such efforts and their results are documented and placed in the child’s record.  This is the first step before special education services are considered.



    Visitors to School

         Safety is a top priority for all of our schools.  Doors are locked during the day, requiring the use of a buzzer system for entry.  If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, we may ask that you present identification prior to entering.  Once in the building, we ask that you sign in at the office to obtain a visitor’s pass.  Please return the visitor’s pass to the office and sign out upon leaving.  Thank you in advance for supporting us in our diligence.  See Ipswich Public Schools’ Policy KK at www.ipsk12.net.


         Staff members welcome the assistance of parents and other interested community members as volunteers in the classrooms or in other areas of the school. State mandates require background checks and fingerprinting for safety purposes. Please speak with the principal or other staff if you would like to donate your time and energy to help. 


























    APPENDIX INDEX          






    Discipline. ………………………………………………………………………….              A1


    Discipline of Special Education Students……………………………………… .             A2


    Appeals Process for Disciplinary Placement  for Students with Disabilities.                           A3


    Asbestos…………………………………………………………………..…………….       A5


    Testing Schedule ………………………………………………………………………      A6


    MCAS Schedule ……………………………………………………………………….      A7    


    Cancellation or Delayed Opening of School……………….………………………..      A9


    Emergency School Closing.......……………………………….……………...………      A10  




    The Ipswich Public Schools’ web site (www.ipsk12.net) contains all of the most recent district policies, as well as other information which may be useful to students and parents.  All of the information on this web site is available for viewing, downloading, and printing.  If you would prefer paper copies of any of the information or policies contained on the web site, please contact the Superintendent’s Office.

















    In general, if your child has violated the school’s disciplinary code, the school may suspend or remove your child from his or her current educational placement for a period not to exceed ten (10) consecutive school days in any school year.  If your child possesses, uses, sells or solicits illegal drugs on school grounds or at a school-sponsored event or carries a weapon to school or a school function, the school district may place your child in an interim alternative educational setting for up to 45 school days.  If your child has been placed in an interim alternative education setting as a result of a disciplinary action, your child may remain in the interim setting for a period not to exceed 45 days.  Thereafter, your child will return to the previously agreed-upon educational placement unless either a hearing officer orders another placement or you and the school agree to another placement.


    Anytime the school wishes to remove your child from his or her current educational placement for more than ten (10) consecutive school days in any school year, or for more than ten cumulative days when a pattern of removal is occurring, this constitutes a “change of placement.”  A change of placement invokes certain procedural protections under the IDEA, the federal special education law.  These include the following:


    (a)  Prior to any removal that constitutes a change in placement, the school district must convene a Team meeting to develop a plan for conducting a functional behavioral assessment that will be used as the basis for developing specific strategies to address the problematic behavior.  If a behavior intervention plan has been previously developed, the Team shall review its implementation and modify it if necessary.


    (b)  Prior to any removal that constitutes a change in placement, the school district must send you a full statement of your procedural rights and inform you that the Team will consider whether or not the behavior that forms the basis for the removal is related to the student=s disability.  This consideration is called a “manifestation determination.”  Remember that you, as the parent, always have the right to participate as a member of the Team.


    Consideration of whether the behavior is a manifestation of the student’s disability:

    The law provides that the Team must consider evaluation information, observational information, the student’s IEP and placement, and must determine whether the behavior prompting disciplinary removal was a manifestation of the student’s disability.  The Team considers if the student understood the impact and consequences of the behavior, and further considers if the student’s disability impaired the student’s ability to control his or her behavior.


    If the Team determines that the behavior was related to your child’s disability, then your child may not be removed from the current educational placement (except in the case of weapon or drug possession or use or serious bodily injury) until the IEP Team develops a new IEP and decides upon a new placement and you consent to that new IEP and placement.


    If the Team determines that the behavior was not related to your child’s disability, then the school may suspend or otherwise discipline your child according to the school’s code of student conduct, except that for any period of removal exceeding ten days, the school district must provide your child with a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  The school district must determine the educational services necessary for FAPE and the manner and location for providing those services.


    In the case of a disagreement with the Team’s determination:

    If you disagree with the Team’s decision on the “manifestation determination” or with the decision relating to placement of your child in an interim alternative education setting or any other disciplinary action, you have the right to request an expedited due process hearing from the Bureau of Special Education Appeals.







    Discipline of Special Education Students Under IDEA 2004

    20 U.S.C. § 1415(k) and 34 CFR §§ 300.530-300.536

    • This chart should be read in conjunction with discipline procedures in state law, M.G.L. c. 71, §§ 37H & 37H1/2, and district-wide and school-wide student codes of conduct.
    • Protections in the IDEA apply to students who have been found eligible for special education and to students for whom the school is deemed to have knowledge that the child might have a disability (i.e., students who have not yet been found eligible but the school had a basis of knowledge of a disability, including students who have been referred for initial evaluation). 34 CFR § 300.354
    • Beginning on the 11th school day of a student’s disciplinary removal during the school year, and if removal is a change in placement, the student must be provided free appropriate public education (FAPE) services during the period of removal to allow him/her to continue to participate in the general education curriculum and progress towards IEP goals, even if in a different setting. 34 CFR § 300.530(b) & (d).
    • If the conduct that the student is being disciplined for involves the “special circumstances” of weapons, illegal drugs, controlled substances, or serious bodily injury, school personnel may remove the student to an interim alternative educational setting (IAES) for up to 45 school days, regardless of the manifestation determination. 34 CFR § 300.530(g). The IEP Team must determine the IAES.
    • Although the following flowchart lays out the steps that a school district must take when disciplining a student with a disability, it is important to remember that at any point the parent and school district can agree to change a student’s placement for disciplinary reasons. Agreements should be in writing, and signed by the school personnel and the parent.























    NO to both




















    Appeals Process for Disciplinary Placement Decisions for Students with Disabilities

    Under IDEA 2004: 20 U.S.C. § 1415(k) and 34 CFR §§ 300.532-300.533


    Who may file an appeal of a disciplinary decision? 

    • A parent of a child with a disability who disagrees with any decision regarding the child’s disciplinary placement, or the manifestation determination, may appeal the decision by requesting a hearing at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA). Reasons for appeal may include but are not limited to disagreement with the student’s removal to an interim alternative educational setting (IAES), disagreement regarding the manifestation determination, disagreement regarding the determination of whether the removal is a change of placement, disagreement regarding the educational services the student receives during the period of removal, and disagreement regarding the functional behavioral assessment and/or implementation of a behavioral intervention plan.  34 CFR §§ 300.530-300.531.
    • An LEA that believes that maintaining the student’s current placement is substantially likely to result in injury to the child or others may file a request for hearing at the BSEA.


























    Matter not resolved to the parties’ satisfaction.


    Parties reach agreement.  Matter resolved.  34 CFR § 300.510(d)



    HO determines that maintaining the current placement is substantially likely to result in injury to the child or others and orders a change in placement to an appropriate IAES for not more than 45 school days.  

    34 CFR

    § 300.532(b)(2)(ii)


    HO finds a violation of 34 CFR § 300.530 and returns the student to the placement from which the child was removed.  34 CFR § 300.532(b)







    Parties withdraw hearing request.


    Hearing Officer’s decision may be appealed to state or federal court.  34 CFR § 300.532(c)(5)




















    A student for whom the district is deemed to have knowledge of a disability – A child who has not yet been determined to be eligible for special education and related services may assert the disciplinary protections under IDEA if the school had a basis of knowledge that the child is a child with a disability before the behavior that precipitated the disciplinary action occurred.  The school is deemed to have knowledge if: (1) the child’s parent expressed concern in writing to administrative or supervisory personnel of the school or district that the child is in need of special education and related services; (2) the parent of the child had requested a special education evaluation; or (3) the child’s teacher or other school or district personnel expressed specific concerns to the director of special education or to other supervisory personnel about a pattern of behavior demonstrated by the child.  The school or district is not deemed to have knowledge of a disability if (1) the parent has not allowed an evaluation or has refused special education and related services, or (2) the child has been evaluated and determined not to be a child with a disability.  34 CFR § 300.534.


    Change of placement – A change of placement because of a disciplinary removal occurs if a child with a disability is removed from his/her current educational placement for more than 10 consecutive school days, or the child is subjected to a series of removals that constitutes a pattern because: (1) the removals total more than 10 school days in a school year; (2) the child’s behavior is substantially similar to previous incidents that resulted in the series of removals; and (3) additional factors such as the length of each removal, the total amount of time the child has been removed, and the proximity of the removals to one another constitute a pattern.  34 CFR § 300.536.


    Current placement – The placement from which the student was removed for disciplinary reasons.


    Interim alternative educational setting (IAES) – An IAES is a disciplinary placement that is not the same as the child’s current placement as defined in his/her IEP. 


    Manifestation determination  – The determination made by the district, the parent, and relevant members of the student’s Team, after review of all relevant information in the student’s file including the IEP, teacher observations, and relevant information provided by the parents, whether (1) the conduct in question was caused by or had a direct and substantial relationship to the child’s disability; or (2) the conduct in question was the direct result of the district’s failure to implement the student’s IEP.  34 CFR § 300.530(e).


    Special circumstances – Where the disciplinary conduct is a “special circumstance,” school personnel may remove a student to an IAES for not more than 45 school days, regardless of the results of the manifestation determination.  Special circumstances exist if the student:

    n     carries a weapon to or possesses a weapon at school, on school premises, or to or at a school function under the jurisdiction of a State or local educational agency (district); or

    n    knowingly possesses or uses illegal drugs, or sells or solicits the sale of a controlled substance, while at school, on school premises, or at a school function under the jurisdiction of a State or local educational agency; or

    n    inflicts serious bodily injury upon another person while at school, on school premises, or at a school function under the jurisdiction of a State or local educational agency.  34 CFR § 300.530(g).

    Serious bodily injury – As defined in 18 U.S.C. § 930, a bodily injury that involves a substantial risk of death, extreme physical pain, protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty.  34 CFR § 300.530(i)(3).












    Massachusetts Department of Education:  December, 2007








    Ipswich Public Schools




    IPSWICH, MA 01938-1909

    TEL. (978) 356-2935 X 1117

    FAX (978) 356-0445
















    September 2018


    TO:  Parents of Elementary Students


    In accordance with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Regulations 40 CFR, Part 763 pertaining to “Friable Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools:  Identification and Notification,” the Ipswich School Department is advising you that all public schools in this system were inspected for actual and potential asbestos hazards.


    Winthrop School:  All asbestos in the Winthrop School has been removed except for the 9" floor tiles.  These tiles have been tested and contain minimal to traces of asbestos.  They are considered by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to be of no danger unless they are drilled or sanded.


    Doyon School:  All asbestos in the Doyon School has been removed except for 9" floor tiles and spray on the ceiling of a boiler room storage area and not accessible to students, parents, or staff. The floor tiles have been tested and contain minimal to traces of asbestos.  They are considered by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to be of no danger unless they are drilled or sanded.


    Currently there is only a small percentage of the 9" x 9" tiles in each of the buildings, and most tiles have been covered with carpet and/or nonasbestos sheet goods.


    A complete engineering report is on file for your inspection in the schools’ Administration Office and in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, One Lord Square.  The specifications used for guiding the contractor in removing this asbestos, as well as all pertinent information relative to testing, is available.


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



    Joanne Cuff

    Director of Finance and Operations







    Visit us at our Website: www.ipsk12.net











    TESTING SCHEDULE – 2018-2019

    Ipswich Public Schools












    Pre-School Early Screening Inventory 3 and 4 year olds


    March 2018




    Early Screening for Kindergarten Entrance


    April 2018



               The above tests are given to all students in a particular group; therefore, parental permission is not required.




    1. Specialized tests of interests, specific aptitudes, individual intelligence, personality and achievement are on file to be administered for evaluation and information purposes usually on referral or as advisable. Parental permission is required.


    1. Diagnostic tests are widely administered for in-depth evaluation of children/students referred for consideration under federal and state special education law. Parental permission is required.


    1. The Statewide Testing Schedule for 2018-2019 is on the following page.



























    2018–2019 MCAS Testing Schedule



    Check www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/cal.html in fall 2018 for additional details on the MCAS testing schedule (i.e., make-up testing windows, test administration deadlines, recommended testing times) as well as the ACCESS for ELLs testing schedule. For planning purposes, note that test sessions in 2018–2019 will remain untimed.


    Spring 2019 MCAS Alternate Assessment for Grades 3–8 and High School


    portfolio for students with significant disabilities

    Deadline for UPS pickup of MCAS-Alt portfolio materials

    Friday, March 29


    Spring 2019 MCAS Tests for Elementary and Middle Schools1

    April–May 2019 Grades 3–8 MCAS Tests2

    Grades 3–8 ELA and Mathematics, and grades 5 and 8 Science and Technology/Engineering Tests (STE)

    computer-based tests

    ELA test sessions

    Monday, April 1–Friday, May 3

    Mathematics test sessions

    Tuesday, April 2–Friday, May 24

    STE test sessions

    Wednesday, April 3–Friday, May 24


    2018– 2019 MCAS Tests for High Schools

    November 2018 MCAS ELA and Mathematics Retests

    paper-based tests

    ELA Composition Sessions A and B

    Thursday, November 8

    ELA Reading Comprehension Sessions 1 and 2

    Friday, November 9

    ELA Reading Comprehension Session 3

    Tuesday, November 13

    Mathematics Session 1

    Wednesday, November 14

    Mathematics Session 2

    Thursday, November 15

    February 2019 MCAS Biology Test

    paper-based test

    Biology Session 1

    Wednesday, February 6

    Biology Session 2

    Thursday, February 7

    March 2019 MCAS ELA and Mathematics Retests

    paper-based tests

    ELA Composition Sessions A and B

    Monday, March 4

    ELA Reading Comprehension Sessions 1 and 2

    Tuesday, March 5

    ELA Reading Comprehension Session 3

    Wednesday, March 6

    Mathematics Session 1

    Thursday, March 7

    Mathematics Session 2

    Friday, March 8



    March 2019 Grade 10 MCAS ELA Test2, 3

    computer-based test

    Primary Administration Dates4

         ELA Session 1

    Tuesday, March 26

         ELA Session 2

    Wednesday, March 27

    Secondary Administration Dates

         ELA Session 1

    Thursday, March 28

         ELA Session 2

    Friday, March 29

    May 2019 Grade 10 MCAS Mathematics Test2, 3

    computer-based test

    Primary Administration Dates4

         Mathematics Session 1

    Tuesday, May 21

         Mathematics Session 2

    Wednesday, May 22

    Secondary Administration Dates

         Mathematics Session 1

    Thursday, May 23

         Mathematics Session 2

    Friday, May 24

    June 2019 MCAS STE Tests

    (Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics, Technology/Engineering)

    paper-based tests

    STE Session 1

    Tuesday, June 4

    STE Session 2

    Wednesday, June 5

    May–June 2019 MCAS Biology and Introductory Physics Field Tests

    computer-based administration

    Each school that administers the Biology or Introductory Physics tests in June will also administer a field test to a portion of its students.

    STE Session 1

    Monday, May 28–Friday, June 145


    1 There will be two test sessions for each of the MCAS tests for grades 3–8. The Department will review the amount of testing time used by students doing computer-based testing in 2018 to determine the recommended testing times for spring 2019. Also in preparation for 2019, the Department will update the STE test design information on the website over the next several months (for reference, the 2018 information for all grade 3–8 tests is available).


    2 Note that the tests in ELA and Mathematics for grades 3–8 and 10, and grades 5 and 8 tests in STE will be computer-based tests. (Exceptions to the CBT expectation will be made for students with disabilities and first-year English learners, who may require a paper-based edition as an accommodation.)


    3 The spring grade 10 ELA and Mathematics tests will be next-generation, computer-based tests, and will contain two test sessions each. The spring 2019 grade 10 ELA and spring 2019 grade 10 Mathematics test designs are available.


    4 Schools with technology constraints should use the primary administration dates for the maximum number of students who can test concurrently, and then use the secondary administration dates for the remainder of the students. Schools with special circumstances that cannot test all their students using the primary and secondary administration dates should email the Department’s Office of Student Assessment Services to discuss options. (Note that schools with students doing paper-based tests as an accommodation will be expected to administer the grade 10 tests concurrently to those students on the primary set of administration dates.)


    5 Schools may not administer the field tests on June 4 or June 5, the prescribed dates for the operational high school STE tests.










                                                                              Office of the Superintendent








                           All “no school” closings will be announced on the Ipswich Schools Website





    A Blackboard Connect message will also be sent to all families.




    Announcements for cancellation or delayed opening of schools will be made on the following TV stations:




    TV STATION                                           CHANNEL


    WBZ-TV                                                             4


    WCVB-TV                                                         5





    Please note that the Ipswich Public Schools has a DELAYED OPENING PLAN.

    All delayed openings will be for two hours.  That means all schools will start two hours later than normal and buses will pick up students and bring them to school two hours later than their normal time.  Schools will, however, close at the regularly scheduled time.







    September 2017







    The decision to close schools early because of emergency situations will be made by the Superintendent; or, on rare occasions, by his/her designee.


    As soon as the decision is made that Ipswich Public Schools will close early, the announcement will be made via:


    Blackboard Connect Message


                                                   Ipswich Schools Website:   www.ipsk12.net



    Please be sure the emergency information record update form, which each student is required to complete in September, is accurate.  We urge you to use a neighbor or someone in your neighborhood as an emergency contact person.  It is of utmost importance that we have updated emergency information on file in each school.


    In the case of ELEMENTARY STUDENTS only, if, according to the student, neither parent, guardian nor emergency contact person is available, the student must remain at school until he/she can be picked up by a parent, guardian, or emergency contact person.


    Middle and high school students generally know who and where their emergency contact person is; therefore, if an emergency early dismissal is warranted, middle and high school students will be dismissed early according to their normal dismissal procedures.


    Afternoon preschool will be notified during the morning if the afternoon preschool session is canceled because of an emergency situation earlier in the day.






    September 2017