• Student Leadership Team


    SLT (Student Leadership Team) is a group of 4th and 5th Graders that volunteer to take on various leadership roles throughout the school.  They spend a half hour a week at their job, 15 minutes of their recess plus an additional 15 minutes of class time.  SLT members know they are responsible for any work they may have missed.   They understand that they are role models for the other students and must act accordingly at all times during the school day (recess, bus, lunch, classroom, etc.)  There are 16 different assignments they choose from such as helping out in Pre-School, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, PE, Art and Music Assistants, and Green Team to name a few.  SLT members are assigned a teacher-mentor that periodically checks in with them.  They meet as a group three times a year after school.  

    Some children also sign on for Early Act.  This is a community service partnership between Doyon SLT members and the Rotary Club of Ipswich.  Throughout the year they work on local, national, and international service projects.  In addition to their SLT position they meet oneTuesday a month before school.