• Included in this application packet are the following: 


    1. When applicable, share your grant proposal with Keith Borgen so he may review and approve your technology request (due ONE week before the final application).
    2. Once you’ve had the Technology Approval completed, share your COMPLETED grant proposal with your building principal for review. 
    3. Your building principal will then sign off on approval and share your application electronically with Central Office (lhillery@ipsk12.net)


    • Refer to the Paine Grant Rubrics to view the purpose of the grant and the components that will be used to evaluate your grant. Please consider this as you write your grant application.
    • If you are linking any forms to your application, please be sure that the sharing permissions are ON for anyone with the link. Your application and all accompanying documents will be shared with Paine Committee members who are outside of the Ipswich Public Schools. 
    • Please keep your documents together either in a google folder or linked in the grant proposal to ensure that all portions of your application are submitted.
    • Label your application with your NAME and GRANT TITLE.
    • Signatures on these documents can be electronic. 
    • Please do not send hard copies of the application. All applications are shared and reviewed electronically by the Paine Grant Committee. 
    • Technology Approval forms should be signed ONE WEEK prior to the final application due date. This allows for time to make adjustments should they be necessary. 

    Grant applications will not be accepted without the following:

    • Application- SIGNED by Principal 
    • Budget Overview
    • Budget Detail Spreadsheet
    • Technology Approval- SIGNED (when applicable)