• Ipswich School Committee Norms 

    The School Committee, in our role as advocates for The Public Schools of Ipswich, agrees to abide by the following operating norms:

    1. We acknowledge that a School Committee meeting is a meeting of the School Committee that is held in public and we will make every effort to ensure that Committee meetings are effective and efficient.
    2. We will strive to reach decisions by consensus and recognize that a member’s authority is derived only through a majority decision of the committee acting as a whole during an open, public meeting. Once the School Committee has taken action, members will support the official position of the School Committee.
    3. We agree to debate the issues not each other and all members will contribute to maintaining an open meeting environment where each member is encouraged to freely express opinions, concerns and ideas.
    4. We will strive to have no surprises for the committee or superintendent. All members will receive the same information on all topics in a timely manner.
    5. It is our responsibility to set the tone for the entire school system, and we will make every effort to promote a positive image for our school system. We will operate transparently and respectfully, maintain confidentiality, and respect the Open Meeting laws.
    6. We recognize the importance of professional growth and development, and agree to participate in formal training and experiences designed to further our knowledge and understanding. All new School Committee members will participate in an orientation session, and if desired, a School Committee mentor will be assigned. 

    Approved 8.13.2020