• Kate Eliot, Chair, keliot@ipsk12.net


     Kate Eliot

    Kate Eliot has lived in Ipswich since 2002 and started on the Ipswich School Committee in January 2021. She and her husband Pete have 2 girls in the Ipswich public schools. Kate works at EBSCO Information Services as a Medical Editor for DynaMed, an evidence-based clinical decision support tool for healthcare providers. Prior to joining the School Committee, Kate served on the Winthrop School Council, the William Paine grant committee, and in other various roles as a volunteer in the Ipswich schools.   

  • Emily Cannon, Vice Chair, ecannon@ipsk12.net



    Emily Cannon grew up on Cape Ann and has lived in Ipswich since 2015.  Emily was elected to the School Committee in June 2020, and has two children in the public schools.  Emily is General Counsel for the Boston Municipal Court Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court.  Prior to that Emily served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts and an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County.  Emily has also served as a member of the WIlliam Paine Grant Committee and volunteered in the Ipswich Schools.  

  • Greg Stevens, gstevens@ipsk12.net


    Greg Stevens

    Greg Stevens was born and raised in Ipswich. He and his wife Megan have 4 kids in the Ipswich Schools. Greg is a partner in Cabot Wealth Management where he oversees investment portfolios for family groups throughout the country. Prior to joining the School Committee, Greg served for 6 years as Treasurer the Feoffees of the Grammar School as a Trustee responsible for the management of Feoffees Trust. He has spent many years involved as a coach and director of various youth sports programs here in Ipswich.

  • Jeff Poirier, jpoirier@ipsk12.net


     Jeff Poirier

    Jeff Poirier joined the Ipswich School Committee in May 2021 after serving two years on the Winthrop School Council. He is a corporate and transactional real estate attorney with experience in deal making and conflict resolution. Prior to his current role, he managed the Boston office of an international dispute resolution firm and was responsible for overseeing the provision of mediation and arbitration services, budgeting, and implementing company-wide policies and procedures.

    Jeff and his wife, Jessica Holmes, have two daughters, Isabelle and Charlotte. 

  • Pavica Kneedler   pkneedler@ipsk12.net



    Pav Kneedler was elected to the School Committee in 2017.  She has lived in Ipswich since 2005 with her husband and two sons, both of whom are recent graduates from the Ipswich Public schools.  She has been a maternal-newborn nurse on the North Shore for 25+ years and, as the daughter of two educators, is passionate about education.

  • Jennifer Donahue, jdonahue@ipsk12.net


    Jen Donahue

    Jennifer Donahue has lived in Ipswich since 2003 and was elected to the School Committee in 2022. She and her husband Rob have three daughters all attending Ipswich schools. Jennifer owns and operates The First Class in Ipswich, a childcare center licensed by the Department of Education and Care in the state of Massachusetts. Prior to joining the School Committee, Jen served on the William Paine grant committee, volunteered for various roles including Co-Chair for Winthrop FRIES and has been a volunteer coach for Ipswich Youth Sports.
  • Dianna Freehan, dfreehan@ipsk12.net


    Dianna Freehan

    Dianna is a lifelong resident of Ipswich.  She and her husband, Phil, love raising their three children in this community.  Dianna is a Registered Nurse specializing in obstetrics; she has experience with policy management, as well as process improvement initiatives.  Locally, she has volunteered in the schools and with youth sports.