• Ipswich School Committee 




    • Focus on developing the FY24 budget to assure it stays in line with override projections 

    • Address how the lack of any future COVID related funds will impact the budget and needs of students (example: how do we pay for what was covered by COVID funds the last 2 years? What needs still remain that have to be funded directly from the budget?)

    • Continue prior practice of hearing from the Administrative Team early on in the process to understand their needs

    Elementary Building SOI

    • Work toward submission of a Statement of Interest (SOI) for the elementary building project 

    • Create a separate Elementary Building Working Group to focus on the SOI for the elementary building project. The working group will gather data and share with the wider community in a user-friendly format on website and social media with links to full data.

    •  Use info gained from listening sessions and survey to work toward the submission of an SOI in Spring of 2023

    Vision 2030

    • Revisit this goal as it was set aside during COVID

    • Incorporate the results of the DESE review/audit that occurred in Spring 2022 into the plan


    • Continue bi-monthly SC newsletters in 2022-2023 

    • Work closely with Elementary Building Working Group on community outreach

    (blog, periodic videos with updates, etc.)