• 7th Grade Stewardship Experience


    Dear Seventh Grade Students and Families,

    Your seventh grader will have the opportunity this spring to participate in eight exciting curriculum related local trips.  The essential question for these trips is:  How can my behaviors impact the sustainability of my community?  

    The goals of this experience are to bring awareness of the place in which we live and secondly to foster stewardship for our community.  Through trips to the multiple destinations, discussing the natural and cultural elements of their environment and reading the landscape, our belief is that students will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for their immediate environment. A central goal is for the students to feel an emotional connectedness to their place and to shape a desire to be stewards of that environment. Secondly, the students will learn of changes that have taken place on the North Shore in the past and strengthen their determination to promote practices that will lead to the sustainability of their community.


    Where will my child be visiting?

    Your child will travel in a designated group to the following locations: Appleton Farm, Gloucester Waterfront Harbor, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Crane Estate, JFK Museum, Ipswich walking trip, Museum of Science, Essex River Cruise and the Ipswich River.


    When will the trips take place?

    The trips will take place between May 21st  – June 12th.  Students will have regular classes on days that we are not out on a trip. If we need to cancel a trip due to inclement weather, we will do our very best to reschedule a trip; however, if we cannot reschedule, a partial refund will not be provided.


    Which group does my child belong to?

    Group lists and a Daily Packing List will be supplied in May.

    What is the cost of the trip?

    The cost of the entire experience  is $125.  Checks should be made out to: Ipswich Middle School. Please make sure  to complete the payment plan agreement that is attached and have your child return the forms to Mrs. Ciarametaro by  TUESDAY, APRIL 24TH.


    What if our family needs financial assistance?

    We have a limited number of scholarships available; please indicate on the payment form if you are seeking assistance.


    Who collects the permission forms/payment?

    All forms and payment should be delivered to Mrs. Ciarametaro in the 7th grade - room A105


    When are the forms/payment due? ~ on or before TUESDAY, APRIL 24TH

    Everything is returned to Mrs. Ciarametaro


    • Payment Agreement Form - on or before Tuesday, April 24, 2018
    • Behavior Contract - on or before Tuesday, April 24, 2018
    • Permission Forms - on or before, Tuesday,  April 24, 2018



    Where can I find additional forms and updates?

    ALL forms, letters and updates will be posted on the 2018 ~ 7th Grade Stewardship Experience. All families are encouraged to join this Google Classroom:  please use CODE: bjhnhy  (all lowercase)


    I still have a question….

    All questions should be directed to Mrs. Ciarametaro at:  cciarametaro@ipsk12.net; in the subject line please indicate that it is a TRIP QUESTION - Thank you.